Monday, August 13, 2012

A Conscious Earth

“My soul is from elsewhere, I'm sure of that, and I intend to end up there.” ― Rumi
A couple of posts ago, I wrote about the three main types of incarnations, as channelled by Page Bryant, in her 1983 book ‘The Earth Changes Survival Handbook’. The other part of the book that I connected with, was about the earth having a consciousness and auric bodies, such as the mental, astral, spiritual bodies, as well as chakra’s, similar to us humans. The reason I am going to write about this is because it connects directly up with what is going on now with the many changes and the theories around that.

The Golden Age – the current transformation happening on a spiritual and earth change level, during  this astrological galactic cycle and alignment, connects up with the earth gaining a third auric body, that being the mental body which is discussed in the book.

I think this information compliments the 2012 summary article I wrote here .

I also want to mention now, that while reading this you start to become more aware of the harm that we are doing to the planet and the affect that harm has. Many ancient tribes and cultures out there treat the earth as a spirit, or a mother, a type of entity. All of this makes a lot of sense when you start learning more about the earth being alive and comparing this information below to that of what old traditions and beliefs that these tribes  and groups from our past had, and some still have.

As mentioned in the other article about this book that I wrote, the information is coming through Albion, an entity talking through Page.
Albion – “The earth is alive. It has a soul. It has an emotional body, an etheric body, an aura, and the potential for all other subtler bodies that are within your own human consciousness. The Earth’s ‘Being’ is Divine in its nature. Its ‘Being’ is immortal. Each planet in the Solar System evolves at its own pace. Each is alive. Each has a consciousness.”

“Each has its own Karmic conditions to deal with. For example, Jupiter will someday become a sun. Its existence is to train for this purpose. Planetary karma is specified or chosen before and being at the very onset of their physical life. Each of these planets has been designed by the Solar Mother-Father energy to serve a special purpose within the Solar Group. The Earth’s purpose is to support life in the myriad forms that exist here now.”

“At the time of his birth when the Earth was still very chaotic, it went through a period of having all the particles that composed the atoms that composed its physical body to come together. Then the Spirit became implanted. Through various stages of growth, it hardened into its present state. This took millions of years. During this physical process, another invisible process was taking place. Layer upon layer of bodies and consciousness was formed. This captured the Spirit inside the fibers of the Earth’s being and formed its Soul.”

“Because the Earth is still growing as planets go, it has not yet evolved to the point that it is aware of it’s own Divinity. Neither is it totally conscious of its reason for existence, spiritually speaking. But this will soon change. The planet Earth is approaching a period of great change. It is a time of Initiation. There have already been two such major periods in the past. These Initiations are recorded in geological and cultural history. The next Initiation will be soon. You should pay attention to the prophecies that you have heard, for many of them are true. The coming Initiation is for the purpose of awakening the Earth’s Ego, thus to give it its first taste of having a mind. It will develop its mental body. The etheric body is a natural counterpart of the physical. So, the planet after the third initiatory experience will have four of the seven possible bodies.”

“This marks the beginning of the Earth becoming more self-aware. As time goes on the Earth will move more into this state of awareness. That time shall arrive.”

“During the planet’s infant stages, when the Spirit lay asleep, the Kundalini was still coiled. The land masses did not exist. The Earth was totally covered by a shallow ocean. Then the continents gradually appeared as a result of volcanic activity caused by the heating core. Through time there have been many continents. As the planet approached the time when the land masses were to become as you know them now and the present races of humans came into being, the White Brotherhood began to set up ashrams all over the globe. Prior to this the seven major vortices, or chakras, of the planet had already been established during the formation of its etheric body. The spirit, the immortal part, has its roots in the center of the Gobi Desert. It is sometimes called Shamballa or “White Island”. These chakras and vortices are located all over the planet and are stimulated into action through the processes of planetary formation and change, one by one. You call it geological history. We call it planetary evolution. These chakras sustain the Earth and perpetuate its life. These centers are the links that permit energy from the Sun to penetrate the planet and provide life giving energy. The Earth continues to evolve. The Cosmic umbilical cords have long been removed. The Great Devas have done their tasks. “
“When man appeared, the Earth was well into it’s late adolescence, and the rise and fall of many civilisations have taken place since that time.”

“Think for a moment here concerning the Earth. Do not think of it merely as a physical sphere in the Solar System. Think of the Earth and all of the celestial bodies , both planetary and solar, galactic and universal, as personalities or egoic structure. There are many implications in this. It causes us to approach the Earth as not only having a physical vehicle but also an astral, the body of desire and emotion, as well as a mental body, which gives it the potential of having a mind of its own. It also has a spirit. It is divine.”

“If we approach these bodies in relationships to the Earth, we find that each of these bodies is involved in its own trek of evolution .Each body is growing at its own pace. Thus, to view the Earth only in its physical sense is only to see the equivalent of a box. It would indeed seem dead or inorganic. Only when it is viewed as a vehicle that contains the various bodies can we being to comprehend a new and broader perspective. It is a unit of Being, as well as a unit of consciousness.”

“Consider that the body of the Earth upon which you reside is varied in its topography. Some areas are flat and barren, while others are mountainous. There are areas filled with water and other terrains gashed with ancient canyons of great depth. It is indeed a feast for the eyes. This solid ground is very beautiful. As far as the perception of the masses goes towards viewing Earth, they consider it little more than a solid ball of rock and for its scenery. They do not consider that it is alive, a vibrant organism. Some civilisations of the past have understood a greater sense of the Earth’s presence. They knw that the planet has an astral, mental, and spiritual being within it’s self. These civilisations, as with all civilisations, have risen and fallen and are not but a memory. The Mayans, Egyptians, Sumerians, and the Aztecs are some of these. Some have left an understanding of the Earth in writings, some of which have been discovered and some of them have not.”

“If we approach each of the bodies or dimensions within the Earth itself, we find that each unfolds one at the time and each is on its own trek of evolution. We find that each body is evolving and growing at tis own pace. Thus, to view the Earth only in its physical vehicle you will see and know only ‘the box’, the vehicle that contains the various aspects of the total egoic structure. We must now take on a new fuller view of the planet. It is a uni of Being, as well as a unit of consciousness.”

“The astral form pulsates within the vibration of the planet. This form motivated and sustained from the lowest in the mineral world up to man, by determination and desire. Remember that the astral body is temporary. It incarnates only as long as the physical body exists. Its atoms contain the memory and will evolve and become a star, for a star is the highest stage of celestial existence that the components of a planet can evolve to in the physical dimension.”

“When the second initiation took place, the time of the final thrust, man was in existence all over the planet’s body. This occurred some eleven thousand years ago- The way you count time .The two major land masses, Atlantis and Lemuria were submerged during this time, Lemuria first. Now the Earth is ready for preparing for its Third Initiation which will mark a new phase of its existence. The Earth also has a causal body, a mental capability within itself. At this time, it lies asleep within the consciousness of the Earth’s being. The Second Initiation gave birth to Earth’s Soul, the third will give birth to its mind. Although it now lays dormant, it is there, quietly, rhythmatically pulsating, waiting to spring into life.” (remember, this was written in 1983)

“As you know, the Earth is already quite aware of its physical self. This awareness came as a result of its creation and subsequent processes of survival and adjustment. It is aware of its desires. It wishes to be more balanced and passive, just like you do. Now it approaches a time when, through Initiation, it will take still another step towards Self-Realisation. It will being to know its own mind. It approaches a stage of growth that will enable it to merge its Ego or personality, with its body and emotions, Mind and Soul joined together. For humans, the Third Initiation is a point when one’s ‘force’ is recognised and brought into balance. So it will be with the Earth. It will have not only a great understanding of its own force, but also of its own faults. It develops the ‘mechanism of understanding’. What are the Earth’s faults? One is called the San Andreas. That is a fault and there are many, which include its storms or climatic conditions that affect the lives it must support.”

“The pressure, pressure that is rubbing upon itself, will be brought into balance during this period of preparation for initiatory change. There will be volcanic eruptions and increased seismic activity. This is not a ‘doomsday’ prediction. It is a natural sequence of events. This is an important thing for man to realise. You must understand that it is a glorious occasion. These physical changes that the planet must go through in order to prepare itself for its Third Initiation are necessary. The Earth will no longer be hooked to only a blind orbital path, performing its Karmic duties. No, it will awaken in its own mind and say, ‘I am alive. I have my own purposes to serve, too.’ It will become more aware of its ‘mission’ and destiny. You can be sure my friends, that when the Earth’s mind awakens, it will take a look (symbolically) around and see what is alive upon itself, judge what is right and wrong with itself, just as you, in your own mind, judge what is right and wrong with yourself. Something else will change. We will pose it to you in the form of a question. ‘Will all of the destruction and imbalance that has been perpetrated upon the planet that has robbed it of its natural resources in such a rapid way, continue to be tolerated?’”

“Those who survive this coming period of natural and ecological changes will be the New Age Workers. Their visions will be broadened and they will have an understanding of the Earth as their Home and Mother. The New Age people are reminiscent to I, Albion, of those in civilisation past who have understood this and had it as an integral part of their lives. These civilisations, like the Hopi, knew how to live on the Earth in balance.”

“The planet Venus is the ‘sister’ to the Earth. It has already undergone five initiation cycles that a place can go through before the Sun swells to reclaim it. Venus is a ‘sacred’ Planet. The Earth will have two more cycles after its third one is finished, so it is still profane. Venus has already reached and has gotten in touch with the monadic spark of Divinity within itself. Its physical body is of no use. It is a ‘boiling hell’. But when one is in touch with its Spirit, its form matters not. Venus has a special esoteric relationship with your Earth. As an older sister would guide a younger sister to the ‘Portal’ or Threshold of Initiation, so it will be with Venus guiding the Earth.”

I am just going to pause for a moment and mention that when I read this section above, specifically ‘…so it will be with Venus guiding the Earth’, it makes me think about the very rare Venus transit which I wrote about in a separate blog here. It seems that every time a Venus transit happens, six months after there is a major event upon the Earth. December 2012 will be six months after the last transit of Venus.

Perhaps when looking at the transit of Venus from a higher spiritual perspective, it may be a sub stage of initiation that Albion talks about, and that it’s like a raising of a part of the Kuindalini in a way, where it may get to a certain point in the body and become stagnant for a while, but because of it raising all of a sudden, an event happens from the sudden increase in energy. I will continue on now.

“The Third Initiation is the Time of Transfiguration. In the Biblical scriptures you find that as the disciples look on, the Christ rose out of the body of Jesus. He transfigured and become ‘Pure Spirit’ before their very eyes. If you consider the other planets and also the life forms that live upon the Earth as ‘disciples’, of sorts, they, you, will witness the event with the planet Earth. It is not to be looked upon as a time of destruction. It is not an age of cataclysmic doom. It is a time of awakening. It can be a time of ‘judgement’, to be sure, for those who are not in tune and those who don’t know how to survive, as the mind of the Earth awakens.”

Pausing again, this reminds be of the New Earth theory that is talked about by various people. Most of my information about it has come from Dolores Cannon as that is been my source of information this year, since I decided it was very trustworthy. It is said that there will be a shift from the physical Earth to the New Earth and some of us will be relocating from the 3rd dimensional Earth to this New Earth. What Albion just said, seems to match up with that, as the New Earth is meant to exist in a higher dimension, and if we were to able to view what it looked like, if we could raise our frequency high enough, it would be a copy of the existing earth, but the spiritual laws and physics of the new earth would laws would be very different.

It is said we can move to the new earth via various mediums. We may ascend to it, such as when we astral projection consciously or unwillingly during sleep. We may be taken to it physically, from high beings coming down to earth and re-locating us with ships. Or there could be those that pass on, through death by whatever mans, that then end up being located on the New Earth.

I better move on again now!

“After the Initiation, the Earth will be able to hear sounds for the first time ever. Can you imagine this? For the first time the Earth will open its eyes and ears! It will hear the universal sounds, not just be drawn to their frequency, as when its mind was dormant. It will become more cognizant of its place in the Solar System, and eventually the galaxy and the entire Universe. As the ‘eyes’ are opened, it will reach out and ‘see’ its gaseous brothers and sisters : Neptune, Uranus, Jupiter and Saturn. The Earth will learn during this period of its evolution, of its responsibility for bringing to the ‘new age’ individuals who survived its change and who have the ability to live upon the planet in a peaceful manner. The planetary hierarchy will be watching all of these transactions very closely.”

You can think of the planetary hierarchy as higher beings that watch over the Earth, as in a council type situation. The White Brotherhood is also another name for them, which was quoted earlier. I personally find that the name ‘the white brotherhood’ sounds a bit silly.

The next part of the book deals with migrations. It is lengthy and is not directly related to this current topic. However, a quick summary is that Albion says that there will be a change in the migrations of Animals and birds, which we have already seen occur. He then goes onto say how humans are going to have to migrate from their homes to other countries and locations because of climate change, but also seismic activity. Some events will happen suddenly, some will happen gradually. My quick guess on this, would be major earth quakes destroying populated locations and possibly causing tsunami’s, and volcanic eruptions making life unliveable in certain locations. So people may have to migrate a long way away from their home and other countries would probably be involved to assist.

Albion then mentions economic troubles.

“Before the planet goes for tis full Third Degree it must be purified. This is what we have been saying that the ‘Earth changes’ are all about. These changed will help to break down and destroy the toxicity and putrifaction that has been created by the life forms, primarily man. It will also help to clear up the toxicity that has built up for the Earth being only a physical and astral body wandering in its orbit in space. As the energies of ‘purification’ are directed in a series through to the Spleen chakra, the magnetic field and atmosphere will absorb it. Once the energy is absorbed by the Spleen, it will purify it, distill it and re-emit it back into the atmosphere. The clear energy is then drawn gradually into the Crown Center in the Gobi desert, Shamballa. This will activate a freer and intensified flow of the Shamballa force all over the globe. It will be subtle in its nature and will take some time to manifest. But when it does, it will mark a time that there will no longer be a barrier between science and metaphysics. It will join together the forces of Truth and Logic.”

There is a bit more remaining in this chapter, but I think that is the gist of it. This information was spread out over about three chapters in the book.

This has answered a missing peace of the puzzle for me, regarding all the theories around the Earth changes and it was found in the most unusual location, within this book that you wouldn’t pick to have such information.

Just like when we grow spiritually, our auric layers develop and our vibration increases, our kundalini rises, it is also so, with the Earth, and is a reason being why we are experiencing such changes.