Sunday, August 5, 2012

Time, fear and the three energy incarnations during the Earth Changes

Knowledge is power, power is movement, movement is progress and action, action is karma. Karma is the ‘grist’ for the mill of evolution.” – Albion
I have a book sitting in my library that I picked up this weekend. Its title is ‘The Earth Changes Survival Handbook’ by Page Bryant, published back in 1983. The first thing that comes to mind when I hear that said out loud is that it’s most likely a book about survival, collecting this resource, being in that location which may be more safe than another, learning this skill and that skill and knowing what changes will happen, etc. However, to my surprise, its subject matter starts off much different to what I expected. It’s primary basis and material is from a being named Albion, who has been channelled through trance by the author Page Bryant.

I have now completed the book and I have found the information sensible, reasonable and that it’s matching up with a lot of other stuff I have learnt. There are some parts which I think the timing is right off, otherwise it seems like a reliable source.

In the past I have been very wary about channelled information and I haven’t taken much notice of it until recently. So I am very careful with the information I take in when it comes from a channelled source. I believe I am at a stage where I can determine if it’s truthful and accurate information because of my past research from many different sources.

There are two primary sections of the book that stood out for me. In this entry I am going to write about one of them. This subject relates to the three types of people here on Earth, who are going through this period in time during the Earth changes. Surprisingly, it matches up somewhat, from a different viewpoint, with the Three Waves of Volunteers which Dolores Cannon discusses throughout her many books.

This section also mentions how fear relates to our experiences in this time period.

Albion – “We find that Man’s emotions tend to propel him, in terms of his relationship to time, into a positive direction, one of progress and growth and balance, as well as one that is free from fear. Time, in its negative connotations, creates fear, as well as depression, anxiety, worry, and grief. That’s right. All of these negative emotions are the result of a poor understanding and relationship with Time.”

“Now it is the Earth that is about to go through major changes. It is the responsibility of all life forms to be aware of these changes as they unfold. When this is so, your degree of perception will expand and grow. This is a major step towards true security.”

Earlier in the book, there is a topic around the leylines and how they connect with the Earth’s chakras. Yes, that’s right, the Earth is said to have chakras and auric bodies, but I’m going to write about that in another post. There are three primary energies mentioned which relate to vortices based around this topic. These three energies are electric, magnetic and electro-magnetic.

Albion – “As we have said in the past that as these Earth changes evolve, different people will have different responses. These are two major factors that will play a role in determining that response. One Is the geographical location in which one lives. The other is the type of “energy” the person is composed of in terms of their natural ‘Soul’ frequency. We will explain. Some people are electrical in their nature. There are more with this frequency on the North American continent that anywhere else in the World, at this time (1982), but they are found everywhere on the globe. Such individuals are capable of, by nature, transmitting a lot of electrical power, the power of will, progress, and movement (evolution). Electrical people will go into this period of change with just this sort of energy and impetus within their consciousness. They are the ones who will tend to take matters into their own hands. They are the pioneers of every Age. They will tend to organise groups and communities for survival.”
Fear is the greatest drawback in the proper development of any well-balanced, normal individual.” – Edgar Cayce

“On the other hand, individuals who are magnetic in their nature, will approach and go through the earth change period by seeking to ‘draw’ every unto themselves and to further ‘ground’ theirs and others vibrations into a greater sense of balance. They are also found worldwide. Such people arein a closer attunement with the planet and can, therefore, be more aware of the planet’s condition at various times. The one you call Sun Bear is one of these. They are also able t oheal and balance the planet and their fellow human beings. They will be better ‘Planetary Caretakers’ and they total the greatest in number.”

“Finally, let us consider that there are those individuals who are electromagnetic in their nature .They compromise the smallest number of people on the planet, but they are very valuable to the Hierarchy, due to their greater degree of perspective in terms of the energies that exist and the interplay between those energies at work. They help to provide a balance and they are composed of both electrical and magnetic energies. When in balance with these forces, they display the best qualities of each. When out of balance, they will usually display one or the other qualities more prominently.”

 Below is a list of qualities for each type.

Male (positive) energy
Fair or ruddy-like complexion
Freckled or body blotches likely
Pioneering Spirit
A generator of force (emitters)
Needs red meat or red food in the diet
Those who will bring in the new age
Lives in “tomorrow”
Likes bright, strong colors
Strong constitution

ELECTRIC-too much (negative)
High strung, nervous, edgy
Burns our easily
Hypertension prone

ELECTRIC-health patterns
Heart palpitations
Elevated body temp
Prone to heat stroke
Complexion problems
Exhaustion of all types

Best as vegetarians
Dark hair and eyes
Olive or dark skin tones
Close to the Earth
Feminine qualities more prominent
Lives in ‘yesterday’
Often in jobs or hobbies to do with agriculture, real estate or receptive positions (remember this was before the world of I.T sprung into offices)
Supportive to others  as a ‘Wayshower’

MAGNETIC-too much (negative)
Laid back
Will stagnate

MAGNETIC-health patterns
Inclined to put on weight
Digestive problems
Poor circulation
Low blood
Arthritic conditions

Smallest numbers on the planet
A stable blend of energies
Mixture of physical and emotional qualities
Creative manifestors
Pillars of strength

ELECTROMAGNETIC-too much (negative)
Tends to respond totally to one of the energy qualities
Nervous tension
Lack of expression
Gentleness that masks a masculine strength
Ambitious and also dependent at the same time
Peace at any price

ELECTROMAGNETIC-health patterns
Prone to both mentioned with electric and magnetic people

The Magnetic description really matches up to me on so many of the qualities. You may find one above that matches up to you.

Something else that I found very interesting is a description of the alignment of the various bodies of man with the seasons.

Albion-“We go now into the cycle of Autumn, the ‘harvest’. It is a time when the seeds of activity that have been sown give their yield. You all sow seeds. They are in the form of new ideas, new relationships, new directions in life. Such seeds, if sown and cultivated properly, will now come to fruition.

As you go into the winter, you will need to ‘hibernate’ in order to consider new projects and make plans for the future. It is a time of rest and withdrawal, a time to ‘regroup’ your energies. Watch carefully the opportunities that open up to you. You must use this time to re-evaluate your errors in judgement, your successes, your unfulfilled missions and the like. It is a time for planning life’s strategies for the coming new cycle

Then will come Spring. The planet and all it’s forms of life are renewed. It is the time for planting new seeds of thought and activity. New prana (life force) is abundant. It motivates and stimulates. It creates the fuel for new growth, new strength.

The summer is a time for cultivation and caring for the new ‘life seeds’. Don’t begin new projects at this time, but perpetuate those you have already begun.”

I can really connect with the description of Winter right now, as I am going through it and I am definitely hibernating!

That’s it for now.