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My truths as of now... - The System of Life

I started this blog back in December, 2009. I had been running various transients domain names since about 1999 though, but there were breaks in-between using them and the original purpose has changed from simply news on events I was interested in back then (science and technology mainly) to the topics I am interested in now.

I like to find the truth through deep research to practical real life experience and I feel I have been very successful at doing this over the years.  I believe I have a knack at finding patterns and then piecing together the information around them to produce the truth on an area or subject.

Last month this website averaged around five and a half thousand hits. That's the most it has had since I started this blog. From the limited feedback I have had, I can see that people are finding their own truths through doing their own research and this is the best way for all of us I believe. I am a big supporter of not having someone tell you how it is, but to have each and everyone of us find out what our own truths and beliefs are by doing our own study and research.

We are all at a certain vibrations spiritually and when we are ready, we then go out and search for answers on the subjects and topics which are important to us depending upon our stage of spiritual growth, I believe.

We are all different individuals and are all at different stages on our spiritual journeys. Some of us are at similar stages and I find it a blessing to connect with those who resonate closely to where I am at.

I am going to go through a few of my truths below based upon what's sitting in my mind at this moment in time.

I think that one of the most important understandings that we need to remember within ourselves is that we all interpret information differently. This includes the experiences we go through and the learnings we receive from them. In a sense, we are all exactly the same coming from the viewpoint as a healer, but, this doesn't mean we all look at something and see exactly the same thing.

So what is my point? My point is that what I am about to explain may not sit with the reader, but not because they believe in something totally different, but because they may have looked at something like I have, but simply interpreted it in another way, and in the end the truth may be exactly the same as what I have explained, simply because of the lost in translation / lost in interpretation side of things.

Something I have learnt is that with life after death, we may visit the same location on various stages, yet that location will look and act completely different to each of us, depending on a number of different aspects, such as our belief system, our conditioning, our mental state before death, our spiritual progress, etc, etc. This connects in with us interpreting information differently while still on earth.

Alright, I'm not sure if I explained that decently enough, but anyways I will keep going and talk about my beliefs.

Who are we and where do we come from?
I just realised that by having to answer any of these questions, it opens up a huge can of worms so I will try and summarise my answers. To understand who we are, then we need to understand where we come from.

My belief at this time is that all of us, including alien beings which exist and interact in not only our dimension, but others, all come from the same source. And source is that place. Some people may use the word God, I prefer not to being of my past experiences and dislike of the word. We have to forget about time when going into this subject. We have to understand that time doesn't exist in other dimensions as you move up that scale. Time is a third and fourth dimensional law, so when you move on to the 5th dimension, also known as the astral dimension and the place we first go to after death, time is not a factor.

So when I say that at one point we all existed as part of the same energy and consciousness, then that doesn't mean a thousand years ago, or a million years ago, as it doesn't work like that. And I can not explain to you how it works as that is something I am yet to conquer with my learnings.

Moving on from time, we then have to get over the understanding of the laws of our existence here. Such laws are very different in the higher up dimensions. What I mean is that in some realms and higher dimensions, we exist as energy(we do here on earth as well though...) and have the ability to be in whatever environment we want to. Meaning what we see around us is very different to here on Earth. It's a totally different experience and energy plays a more direct in your face role compared to here on Earth.

So at this point in my life, I think that a pool of energy which has intelligence and the ability to create life and anything you can imagine, decided to send parts of it's self away and give those parts individuality so they could act on their own. Why? It's said so that many experiences and lessons and information could be gathered to bring back to the source, the origin of this energy and existence. However, I don't believe that is the true truth behind the reason and I have read that even ascended masters, higher selves (over-soul) and other high level beings have a complete understanding of why. This is not information that is easily available from my research so far.

I have also learnt that the source already has all the knowledge it needs because we are the source, each of us.

This energy that was sent out may be what we know as our higher selves, or over-souls. However, because of our limited mind and consciousness, there is probably a lot more than just that as there are so many other existences other than a human existence or any type of energy existence on the planet Earth.

These higher selves then also do a similar thing as to what the source did, they split their energy as well. This can be confused with past lives as each of us do have past lives but we also have soul groups, groups of spirits that plan interactions during the course of a life, which is known as a soul contract. These contracts are said to not only be planned before life but on a regular basis, even while we sleep, as it's said each of as astral project every time we dream, as the mind dreams and the astral body splits off so our existence is then in more than one place at the same 'time'. We are just not conscious of it most of the time.

These spirits, each of us most likely have groups that all belong to the one higher self. For example, it may even be the spirits inside a soul group, they all may come from the one higher self, or it may be separate from that soul group. Robert Munroe, who has now passed on, has extensive experience astral travelling and in his third book, Ultimate Journey, he provides some very good information on how the system behind the higher self works including the aspect of time.

Because time doesn't exist up there, we may be each of those energy beings that have split off from the higher self and we may each be our higher self, as we can exist in multiple places in the same time period, since time is not a factor up there. This concept can be very difficult to get your head around.

So, the answer to the question is that we are source, we are the so called 'god', but then we may also be our higher selves and all the 'puppets' that get sent out. Lobsang Rampa uses the term 'puppet' when he has discussed the higher self information throughout all his books.

It is said that life is an illusion. I believe this, but again, what defines an illusion? Something that is not real? Because of the density of the energy in this dimension, things seem very real to us. As we experience other dimensions, objects are not always solid like they are here. When taking this into consideration, when you exist as spirit or as energy and also have the experience of a realm or location where objects and the environment is not solid, that may seem more of an illusion, just like Earth is said to be. However, in the end, it's all the same, it's all made out of energy.

It is said that we are the dreamer of the dream. This simply means that we are source, we are our higher selves in some form or at least a part of our higher selves. Therefore we exist everywhere in a sense and this experience here is what we have created ourselves. This again is a hard concept to get our heads around without understanding many other aspects.

I have read a lot and learnt a lot over my 32 years. But I have also had personal experiences that have shown me that aspects of the theory I have learnt is actually real. This has helped me keep going in a way, to have some faith and believe in areas I haven't been too sure on.

It is said that we exist not only as other lives on Earth, but also as other beings on other planets and in other dimensions. We have to think outside our box here and understand that our awareness, our limited consciousness based upon the amount of energy contained within our spirit body as a human, does actually limit us and our minds to understand greater information. I have read about so many different types of existences now and also had them come up during past life regressions I have performed, which helps me understand how limited we are as a human here on Earth.

Imagine that you could see the whole earth at the same time, your field of view would allow you to focus in on any part of the earth from above without using any kind of equipment, simply because this is your ability with the energetic existence you may have. Imagine adding onto that other planets, being able to see more than one location at the one time and existing in multiple physical locations at the one time and accessing that information simultaneously.

Or imagine life as a bee. Imagine how you would perceive your existence around you if that was so.

Why are we here and what is our purpose in life?
What a big question to answer.

-Our purpose is to get to a stage of being able to help each other.
-Our purpose is to manage karma that is accumulated from being in the system that runs the experience of this dimensional Earth.
-Our purpose is to live and experience many forms of life, from the molecules behind the building blocks of life to the water in the ocean, to the atmosphere, from there to an actual rock, tree, or plant, to life forms such as Dolphins, cats, bee's on to humans.
-Astrology governs the type of lessons and experiences we have along with life contracts with the input and guidance of other beings

This can be looked in on from so many different angles, but I think all of these angles are true and valid. The higher self requires us to have all these experiences in not only human life times but also as many other forms of existence. Not only on Earth, but other locations and throughout other dimensions as well.

Because we are here on earth as a Human Being, we have to also accumulate karma, as that's just how things work here on Earth. There are exceptions to this rule.

In the end, we are here to help each other, through whatever means possible such as spiritual healing, massage, counselling, etc, etc. While getting to that point, we also have to 'fight' through the karma that has built up while progressing spiritually and raising our energetic vibration through multiple life times. Eventually we get to a stage where we move away from having lives on Earth because we have raised our spiritual vibration high enough. In other words this would be called ascension and can happen in different ways. I think the Buddhist teachings have a very good grasp on how karma works, but possible to an extreme level that isn't really required.

However, because of this point in time, in Earth's history around 2012, all of this works a bit differently as we have come to the end of a cycle. This is talked about in depth in Dolores Cannon's work. The new earth especially is related to all of this. Also, we are not all accumulating Karma. There are other forms of existence that energy beings inhabit on the Earth at this time, because of the changes going on.

Those other forms are here to help with the transition and energy of the Earth and the beings on it, while the shift occurs over this time period. This assistance can be in many different forms, such as placing crystals in the ground at various lay-lines around the Earth - Think of the meridian lines on the human body, this is a good analogy for how the Earth's lay-lines work. Some people simply have to be a physical distance from someone else to effect their energy without having to interact with them. Others are here to teach esoteric studies and raise peoples consciousness that way. There are many ways of assisting the Earth and the folks here.

These people do not accumulate karma because and some are here as a human for the first time as they have not had the experience before in a human body. These beings have volunteered to come because of how important and special this time is in history. That's where imprints of past lives come in, where someone has a past life that is not actually theirs. If you have seen the Matrix, you would remember the scene where they load software training programs. Think of it as this way. People that come here are required to have these imprints so that they can function, otherwise it would be far too hard to live a life here without that experience in their consciousness.

It is said that during this period, those of us who have the vibrational and spiritual development requirements will get the choice to shift with the Earth to the higher dimension and have the option of having an existence on the 'new earth'. Those that do this then complete their karmic cycle on Earth and don't take any of their Karma with them. Others that don't meet this requirement are provided with an alternative planet / destination to play out their remaining karma. Others will remain on Earth but because of the major changes, not that many will.

What are UFOs?
Some are genuine craft belonging to beings that have the ability to phase in and out of the 3rd dimension and a higher dimension as it is said they don't actually reside in our dimension fully. They also have the ability to come in at specific time periods as time works different where they come from. They are able to modify our memory of events so that most of the time we are not aware of their interaction with us and only under hypnosis can those memories be recalled.

They can also guide our astral bodies to their location for various purposes and this can be confused with physical abductions because of the memory issues that come up as a result of all of this.

There are various civilisations of alien beings and they are not all from the one location. Each has their own motive and purpose here, such as the 'Gardeners of the Earth', the ones that have taken part in seeding our Earth originally and come back to check on us from time to time.

There is so much information here I could go into but I am not going too as this could get very lengthy.

You may have noticed that abductions have become more rare over the years. This is simply because the purpose of the abductions have been met. The main purpose was to prepare various folks out there for the shift coming around this time period so that they can make the dimensional transition to the new earth as the alien beings are part of what's going on and involved with so many areas of life.

I believe that there is an Alien influence which is making the earth changes less chaotic and extreme. So some sightings may be related to their interaction with the energy of the Earth during this specific period in time.

Well, that's probably enough for now. But you get the general idea of where I am at with these specific topics. And finally, I give thanks to Shannon over at for the idea of this post.


Karyn Russell said...

A heartfelt thanks Laron for your cohesive thoughts. We are all at certain vibrations spiritually and the sharing of your information and your interpretations allows us to focus on aspects of our learning that resonates with us - rather than spending more hours researching - and for that also I thank you. Namaste

Laron said...

If there was a like option, I would have used it ;-)

Wherami said...

What a great blog you have here. I just found it recently after researching the Global Coastal Event and now I check your site daily as you do such a great job of correlating all the data finds that I find myself. I very much agree with all of your findings and work on this blog. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

Laron said...

Thanks WAI!

angelicview said...

Laron, I Love your truths! You went into more detail than I did, I think. But I completely agree with your findings. Thanks for posting :)


Laron said...

I got a bit carried away but it was fun writing about it all!