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Galactic Stellar Explosions - The trigger events behind 2012

There is evidence that shows a galactic stellar explosion occurred, or reached us, at the same time as the 9.3 2004 Sumatra boxing day earthquake. This gamma ray burst, aka stellar explosion, was the brightest ever recorded in human history. It was one hundred times more intense than any burst that had ever been recorded before. It's believed that this event has some correlation to the energetic cause or trigger, behind the 2004 December 9.3 Sumatra Earthquake which took the lives of two hundred and thirty thousand people.

That 9.3 Richter Sumatra earthquake was ten times stronger than any other earthquake during the previous 25 years at that point in earth's history.

Again, coincidentally, that tsunami generated by the 9.3 quake was the largest tsunami generated since the 1883 explosion of Krakatoa which was when the six month period hit, after the last cycle of the Transits of Venus.

As you will see up ahead, there is evidence presented by Paul A. LaViolette which shows a relation and connection between the Mayan Calendar cycles, which in turn would mean the Astrological Age cycles of when these major stellar explosions occur.

Back in May 1997, Paul A. LaViolette released his book Earth under Fire. Below is a summary of what this book was focused on.

Many ancient myths from around the world tell catastrophic destruction by fire and flood. These ubiquitous legends are so extreme that they are often dismissed as imaginative exaggerations. In Earth Under Fire, Paul LaViolette connects these "myths" to recent scientific findings in astronomy, geology, and archaeology to reconstruct the details of prehistoric global disasters and to explain how similar tragedies could recur in the near future.
Compelled by his decryption of an ancient warning hidden in zodiac constellation lore, LaViolette worked with information from many scientific sources, including astronomical observations, polar ice core measurements, and other geological data, to confirm that our Galaxy's core exploded, unleashing a barrage of cosmic rays that arrived near the end of the last ice age.  This barrage caused the solar system to become enveloped in a dense nebula, which led to periods of persistent darkness, frigid cold, severe solar storms, searing heat, and mountainous floods that plagued mankind for many generations.  Linking his scientific findings to details preserved in ancient myths and monuments, he demonstrates how past civilizations accurately recorded the causes of these cataclysmic events, knowledge of which may be crucial for the human race to survive the next superwave cycle. This information reveals the intelligence and ingenuity of our ancestors who, when faced with extinction, found the means to warn us that the apocalypse that destroyed them could occur once again virtually without warning.  

This book was written more for a general audience and there is other material out there that he has released to support his theories. Since the publication of that book, more and more mainstream scientific articles have been supporting his theories.

I find these two quotes about this book rather compelling,

"One of the most amazing studies of cosmic cataclysmic cycles ever put into print."- Armando Canales, The Critical Review
"I have collected 30,000 books and 20,000 videos over 40 years - now in a library - and this is the most important book I have found." - UK bookseller telling friend, Glastonbury, UK

In his 1983 Ph.D. dissertation, Paul LaViolette called attention to terrestrial dangers of Galactic core explosions, pointing out that the arrival of the cosmic ray superwave they produced would be signalled by a high intensity gamma ray burst which would also generate EMP effects. He also noted that a strong gravity wave might be expected to travel forward at the forefront of this superwave and might be the first indication of a superwave's arrival.  He pointed out that such gravity waves could induce substantial tidal forces on the Earth during their passage which could induce earthquakes and cause polar axis torquing effects.

He also presented evidence back in 1983 to the scientific community indicating that Galactic core explosions actually occur about every 13,000 - 26,000 years for major outbursts and more frequently for lesser events and that the emitted cosmic rays escape from the core virtually unimpeded. As they travel radially outward through the Galaxy, they form a spherical shell that advances at a velocity approaching the speed of light.

Astronomical observations show the last major Galactic core explosion occurred as recently as 10,000 to 15,000 years ago. Data obtained from polar ice core samples show evidence of this cosmic ray event as well as other cosmic ray intensity peaks from earlier times.

So this has left me asking the question of how does our Sun have any relation to the predicted earth changes coming up ahead? One of the conclusions from all my research into 2012 material was that the Sun was part of the major event that may occur. It's currently reported that the next Solar Maximum is expected to happen around May 2013, and this is the time frame connecting up with the Global Coastal Event. Another conclusion I had years ago when I finished my research, was that early 2013 was most likely to be the time period that anything major would happen. This is not only from my research but from intuition I believe.

When looking into Paul A. LaViolette's research, we see that his information shows that a study of astronomical and geological data reveals that cosmic ray electrons and electromagnetic radiation from a similar outburst of our own Galactic core, impacted our Solar System near the end of the last ice age.

This cosmic ray event spanned a period of several thousand years and climaxed around 14,200 years ago. Research shows that it was able to substantially affect the Earth's climate and trigger a solar-terrestrial conflagration that initiated the worst animal extinction episode of the Tertiary period.

The effects on the Sun and on the Earth's climate were not due to the Galactic cosmic rays themselves, but to the cosmic dust that these cosmic rays transported into the Solar System. Observations have shown that the Solar System is presently immersed in a dense cloud of cosmic dust, material that is normally kept at bay by the outward pressure of the solar wind. But, with the arrival of this Galactic cosmic ray volley, the solar wind was overpowered and large quantities of this material were pushed inward. The Sun was enveloped in a cocoon of dust that caused its spectrum to shift toward the infrared.

In addition, the dust grains filling the Solar System scattered radiation back to the Earth, producing an "interplanetary hothouse effect" that substantially increased the influx of solar radiation to the Earth. Details of this scenario are described in Paul LaViolette's book Earth Under Fire and in his Ph.D. dissertation, as well as in a series of journal articles he has published.

LaViolette's research suggests that the Sun also became highly active as dust and gas falling onto its surface induced extreme flaring activity. Together with the radiation influx from the Sun's dust cocoon, this caused the Sun's corona and photosphere to inflate, much as is observed today in dust-choked stars called "T Tauri stars." These various solar effects caused atmospheric warming and inversion conditions that facilitated glacial growth which brought on ice age conditions. On occasions when the solar radiation influx to the Earth became particularly high, the ice age climate warmed, initiating episodes of rapid glacial melting and continental flooding. There is evidence that one particularly tragic solar flare event occurred around 12,900 years ago during a period when the Sun was particularly active. This involved the release of an immense coronal mass ejection which engulfed the Earth and induced a mass animal extinction.

My belief is that all this data being presented has some relation to when Atlantis fell, and when the last cycle occurred around 13,000 years ago. This date matches up with the Mayan Calendar and the Astrological Age dates for their respective cycles.

This information may also provide an answer to old Global Warming question. My belief has always been that the human impact is minimal in comparison to what's actually causing the changes on Earth. A point I have always made when talking about this is that Earth is not the only planetary body in the solar system which is heating up, NASA has said other planets are also heating up during this time.

From looking at all this information we can see that there is a possibility that we are going through the next cycle in the 26,000 year period and having another series of large Galactic Stellar Explosions which may be peaking. In turn, this is going to be a trigger for the Suns's next solar cycle to become unusually larger than normal and possibly trigger any major shift going on on the Earth around the expected arrival date which is currently predicted for May of 2013.

But we have to open up our minds and not only look at this from a physical human practical point of view as it is said that the Galactic core outbursts are the most energetic phenomenon taking place in the universe. The active, quasar-like core of our spiral galaxy is said to radiate 7 times as much energy than what comes from all of the galaxy's stars.

Some of us know or lean towards there being a spiritual side and system behind why certain things, if not most things happen in life. While what we see and touch around us is made up of mostly dense physical dimensional energy, there is still reason and purpose behind events that may occur. It's said that we have around 30% free will on average, meaning the rest of the time things are not exactly in our control.

From the information being presented by Paul A. LaViolette, these Galactic Stellar Explosions are occurring in a cyclic manner, which means a circle and repeating pattern which can be then predicted and is not random. When Astrology is thrown into the mix, it makes sense that accurate predictions can be made. Most likely this is the reason why the the Atlantian's and others before them had such information which ended up not only in the Mayan's hands but many other folks in those ancient civilisations and groups back then.

The energy output from these events may not only be cosmic ray electrons and electromagnetic radiation, but a form of energy on another level that we simply don't understand because of our limited science and spiritual viewpoint currently existing in our time line here on Earth. This energy may also be involved with the raising and changing of our DNA, the raising of our vibration and the Earth's vibration and in turn the spiritual evolution of all the energetic life out there in range of those stellar cosmic ray volleys. When I wrote the entry on this blog about A Conscious Earth, I explained how the Earth may also be a living entity which was going through it's own spiritual changes and growth, through developing another auric layer or body. I think these stellar explosions have a connection from this point of view.

I guess someone might call this food for thought.


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