Friday, January 11, 2013

Clearing your Energy and Energetic Shield Visualisations

This entry is going to explain a few techniques for clearing our energy and also for creating a type of temporary energetic shield around us. I will firstly go into some background about how I believe our energy system functions and exists so that the reader can get an understanding of what we are actually clearing and why.

Our physical body has an energy system that is multi-dimensional. It exists in the same space as our physical anatomy, inside of us, and also on the outside surrounding us. Most of you have probably heard of our seven primary chakras, but there are hundreds of energy centres in the body such as where our joints meet, the palms of our hands, and the balls of our feet.

The Chinese Meridian system is a way of tapping into those energy centres through the use of such healing modalities as acupuncture and reflexology. I was taught about the meridian system within the Diploma of Energetic Healing I completed. The Meridian lines are a system of energy pathways which are mapped out, that are spread throughout our body and link up with the anatomy of different parts of the body.

Energy healing such as Reiki, spiritual healing in general, pranic healing and pretty much any healing modality interacts with our energy system, our chakras, our meridian lines and our auric layers.

There are different systems out there on the auric layers which surround the body. These are energetic layers that can be seen by sensitives with that ability, which relate to specific areas of our life in relation to our health. I have been taught the four system layer which starts off with the Etheric, then Emotional, Mental and lastly the Spiritual layer. I have the ability to sense where each layer is, as in the distance from our body which helps when I have been stuck with a whole lot of theory. (I can also determine the energy level and state of the chakras, earth star, transpersonal point through energetic sensations I can feel)

On top of that, we have an energy point below our feet called the Earth Star. It composes of four energy centers that connect up with our lower four chakras. The Earth Star is all about our connection and grounding to the Earth. For example, when we travel by plane, our Earth Star detaches somewhat and is part of the reason we get jet lag. 

Above our head we have another energy location called the Transpersonal Point. This has the remaining three energy centers which correspond to our top three primary chakras. Our Transpersonal Point is what connects us to spirit through not only communication but also like a gateway. It’s said that a spirit passes on from the Earth after death, they move through the top of the body out through this area.

You may have heard stories of where soldiers or anyone in general may have lost a limb, or part of their body. For months or sometimes longer they can still feel that part of their body there. Some people feel their toes twitching if they have lost their leg or a foot. This is because the etheric energy is still existing in another dimensional space and is yet to disappear.

Our Aura is our energy system in general and compromises of various colors depending mostly on our thoughts and activities at that moment. Our spiritual development can also represent a strong color. Someone who smokes cigarettes or does drugs will have a greyish smoky aura at a specific location in their energy system and depending on the amount they consume, it may be very large which in turn is very unhealthy for us.

Ok, moving onto why we need to clear our energy daily – We go through our day to day life interacting with people and locations. Those people and those locations have their own energy that can sometimes attach to us and move into our energy system. This in turn can affect us in many different ways, including our health.

This may affect our moods, our thoughts and in turn our actions on an unconscious level. This may tire us out and drain our energy in general. Animals may pick up on this and act strangely around us.

At this moment in time, I don’t believe in possession, where a negative intelligent entity can latch onto us and possess us. I have seen no evidence of this in any trust worthy material I have come across. But I do think it’s possible that negative energy, and possibly our own egoic energy can manifest in our energy system, or on the outside of it, which in turn can be confused as a type of possession. But this is not some outside force with a consciousness and mind which is trying to do us harm. This is different to ghosts or spirits hanging around our general location by the way.

Everyone picks up energy that is not their own unless we have intentionally put up a shield to block that energy, but even then we still need to clear our energy as we are humans(mostly), not only spirits on this level and we are not all ascended masters, yet! That energy may resonate with us or may not and become a temporary aspect of our own energy that we probably don’t need hanging around us. So on a day to day basis it’s a very good idea to perform at least one visualisation with a strong intention to clear our energy and also to shield our self in preparation for the remainder of that day. 

My understanding is that we should be clearing our energy at least three times a day, but I know this may not be appropriate for everyone because of their busy days and situations. But this goes to show that we are very susceptible to outside energy influences.

I am now going to start getting into the clearing process. Note that I will provide different techniques you can use within the process as you may feel more comfortable with a specific visualisation over another.

Remember though that intention is what’s really important here, so visualisation is not enough, you need to set a clear intention of why your visualisation and exactly what your visualisation is actually doing.

The Clearing Process - Eventually this will become very easy, strait forward and not require much focus or energy to do. By repeatedly doing this, it gets much easier and faster.

You may want to start doing this in a quiet place. You should either sit or stand. There is no need to cross your legs or get into a meditative position. I find lying down on my back makes it really hard to visualise.

And again, eventually you will be able to do this anywhere. At your desk at work, in the bathroom stall, on a train or bus, walking down the street, but it does take some concentration if you haven’t done it many times.

You can jump strait into this, but I do advise that you take a moment to relax your body. You don’t have to spend long to do this, but just close your eyes and tell your body ‘relax’. Think of each area of your body and tell that area to relax moving from your feet  up to your head. A proper relaxation technique can take a while so I don’t advise you do that. If you do practice relaxation techniques then this will be very easy for you as your body would be much more ready to relax itself in this short period of time.

With your eyes close, have the intention that you want to clean, cleanse, and clear any energy that does not belong with you and which does not go towards your wellbeing. You can modify this intention to say you don’t want any negative energy attached to you, or any unwelcome energy, or any energy that is dark, etc, etc. But I think you understand the idea here, it’s about clearing and cleansing and returning our energy systems back to their natural healthy running state without having any outside influences.

Technique 1 – Visualise very bright light above your head coming down over your head and the rest of your physical body. Try to also expand that white light further outside your physical body so that it’s a few meters away from you. 

This may be a challenge to visualise but see how you go. It’s important you do include your auric layers and aura in general which can extend a far way depending on the person, but intention is also important here as time and space doesn't have to be considered in a physical manner if you have the intention to include them. Meaning you can say that that area is included simply by your first intention of clearing your energy system without actually visualising the white light energy over that exact area.

Move that white light through you while continuing to visualise it coming down from above. Through your head, your arms, your upper body, your hands, your lower body, your upper legs, your lower legs and your feet and. Send it down through your body and then again remember your intention.

After doing this technique long term, you may feel comfortable that you only have to set your intention at the start of the process and not more than once. Your intuition may tell you or you may simply have a knowing that what you have done is enough.

Note that it’s optional for with the visualisation to specify where that light is coming from based upon your own beliefs. You may say it’s from source, or from the universal energy or even from God if you prefer. But in the end, it’s coming down from the same source or pool of energy I believe, no matter what you wish to label it.

Continue this for a minute or two. Eventually this will become a lot faster and you will just know how long it needs to go on for the more you practice this. 

Technique 2 – After relaxing your body if you choose to do so and then having your intention set, visualise a column of pure white energy above you, high up which then moves down towards you. Make the radious or thickness of the column wide enough to cover all of your body and bring it down over you. I find it easier to make it spin in a clock wise direction. You can then imagine that it's clearing that energy like a twister or tornado would clear away anything it touched.

Move that column of bright white energy over your head, your upper body, your arms, your hands, your lower body, your upper legs, your lower legs and your feet and continuing on down a few feet. Try and expand that column so that it encompasses the area a couple of meters around you, but this is optional as explained above.

Continue this for a minute or two as mentioned above with the other technique.

Technique 3 - After relaxing your body if you choose to do so and then having your intention set, visualise your self sitting or standing under a large waterfall with the water being very bright white colored energy coming down over you and cleansing and clearing your energy. Imagine it covering you but also passing through you like you are transparent, or like the water is transparent so it goes through you. You can start off with a smaller waterfall and then imagine it getting larger if you prefer. The setting you may even want to imagine with trees all around you and a flowing river below the waterfall. This can be a powerful technique as you may feel even more relaxed from being in such a peaceful setting.

Make sure your whole energy system and body is washed by waterfall.

Continue this for a minute or two as mentioned above with the first technique.

Shield of Energy - Now your feeling all cleared and refreshed and you want to keep your self that way as long as you can. Below are some techniques you can use to put up an energetic shield around you that will protect you from most of that energy that you may not want coming to you during the day.

The Color - First of all you will want to pick a color that resonates with you. With the visualisations below, you will need to set a color. I personally go with blue. Gold is said to be the strongest shield color that you can use. White is also known as a good color to use as well. Like with sound, color has a certain vibration to it and can actually mean something when using it with different energetic areas such as healing or in this situation. 

Technique 1 - The shape of the Pyramid is said to be the most powerful and strongest symbol of protection that a person can use. This is what I use for shields. With your eyes still closed, visualise above you a pyramid in the color you prefer coming down slowly over top of you so that your body is inside it. When I first started doing this, I found that it was hard to visualise it covering my whole body with it's four points , but over time the visualisation got easier. Make the sides of the pyramid a solid color so that it does completely enclose you and set your intention as mentioned below.

The Intention - Again, you need to set the intention and be clear about it. What you want these visualisations to do is provide an energetic layer around your energy system which stops any energy that should not be with you from coming into your energy system as you act out your day, whatever that may be. So think of the intention of having this visualisation protect you, like a real physical shield would, and that that no negative or unwanted energy influences can pass by it and stay with your energy system 

Technique 2 - The energy shield you want to visualise here is the egg shaped energy shield. Imagine a layer of solid energy covering your whole body around you, like the shape of an egg, and make the color of it the color you prefer. This may be easier than the pyramid visulisation because it doesn't' have corners or angles. Remember your intention here and keep visualising.

For both techniques, do this for up to a minute or two. You can go longer if you prefer. You should just have a feeling of how long you need to do the clearing and shield techniques.

Feel free to post any comments if you have any questions on any of this.

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Linda said...

Thanks, Laron. I use ultraviolet blue, and sometimes sprinkled with gold. I wondered if you have considered a four-sided pyramid, making total of 5 points? I haven't done this myself though. I see myself standing within this light blasting forth and out in all directions to a pretty good distance, and anything that's not of love is transmuted or repelled back (in accordance to the highest good of the sender). I use the word blasting as I recently felt someone else's wayward thoughts begin to impinge on me.......gently, or impeccably radiating might be a better way to describe it. :)
This is my own image, so please don't post if it doesn't resonate with you.

Laron said...

By the way, is that your dog? =)

As for the pyramid, a normal pyramid would have five points, the points at the bottom and one at the top. Is that what you mean? When writing that, I meant a five pointed pyramid, it was just my focus was on the bottom four points as they are the points that spread out, where the top point remains fixed and is much easier to visualise in place, for me.

In my opinion, there is no wrong way to do any of this unless the color is not a positive color (such as black) or the intention is not a positive intention. But what is positive and negative! That is another topic as what may be positive to someone may not be positive to another.

Just from listening to what you have explained with that technique, it seems to me to be very powerful.and also very effective.

Linda said...

Ummm, no that's me!! No, not my dog, although I had one up until 2yrs ago who had a face as happy as that. Bet she's still laughing.

Ah, gotcha, yes, 5 points all up is what I meant. I had a visual of sucking in my sides or loosing an elbow or knee with only 3 points at the base :D.

True, much more fun and love to be had out of polarity!

Laron said...

Ok Odo =)

Maybe I should clear that definition up.. that sounds really painful to visualise!