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Clif's Wujo E31 January 20 2013 - Temporal Markers, Silvertards, First nations

Cliff just released his latest Wujo with new information on a few things such as temporal markers(including hits of predicted webbot stuff), silvertards, first nations + new electrics, chemtrails and tonics. This post is a summary of that audio Wujo that you can find on his site here.

Note that you can find all former entries relating to the webbot articles using the link on the menu on the right, 'Webbot - Cliff High'.

Cliff starts off saying he has a plethora of forecast issues arising and being knocked off in the mainstream and alternative media. He mentions there will be an overlap with some stuff in this Wujo and the Immediacy Data Intelligence Reports.

He mentions within this Wujo, he has some long term temporal markers that has been reached.

A 'Temporal Marker' is words, phrases and descriptions that forecast and has certain level of emotional values and numeric's that are attached to all the words in the lexicon. The summation values around a phrase or the description, usually a phrase, not a single word will be very specific. Numeric's help make the forecast.  He mentions that when about 58% of that language summation, then they work out that that temporal marker has been fulfilled and that it has shown up.

He mentions Temporal Markers have a tendency to be very focused where broader themes are not. For example, there is stuff in the immediacy data about failed assassination attempts. This relates to the Pierce Morgan situation where threats were made to Alex Jones to be shot. Plus in the alternative media there has been video taping on the assassination attempt of the politician that failed. (Where the guy runs on stage with the air pistol, fires, and the gun doesn't go off, then the other guy knocks the gun out of his hand, if you are not aware of it(Ahmed Dogan of Bulgaria))

Now Cliff explains that in both cases, these two failed assassinations were within the immediacy data, but not temporal markers.

Cliff mentions how these assassination attempts are meaningful in peoples lives but beyond that, the ripples will fade away compared to other events. He mentions there is one more failed assassination attempt coming up and he won't discuss it until it's actually happened. (it sounded to me like it may be someone famous as Cliff doesn't talk about situations that involve well known or named people)

So he then mentions this gives us a good idea of a temporal marker. He mentions summation values usually indicate a certain level of visibility in the mainstream media and emotion at large. All this produces a ripple effect and shows how it's going to travel.

He now goes onto a major temporal marker which was discussed in the first immediacy data intelligence report. In the third week of January, relative to silver. The temporal markers he was looking for, relative to the queens exposed... he deviates here and mentions how the wide memes seem to have three events relating to them, such as three incidents over a period of time.

He mentions the queen exposed prediction which there has now been three instances of. The last one was about the Queen and her buddies vetoing bills for the last few hundred years in defiance of the separation of powers act. In the publics view they are just tourist attractions but in fact they have been running a number of things behind the scenes.

So the three episodes of the Queens have been exposed. There have bee key markers relative to silver. Specifically the appearance of panic language around the acquisition of silver around the commercial level, not investment level. But it will soon leak over to the investment level.

So he has seen the first of a wide meme and a wide temporal marker within the subset of the silver group, which is this panic language showing up around the idea of acquiring silver for industrial processes. He mentions he is waiting for two more before he is able to correlate a direction connection between the forecasts to work out a time spread involved.

He mentions this third week is going to be an exciting week and that it will mark the beginning of the run up of silver. He mentions how it's the third week in January as he mentioned in the immediacy data where he saw certain things occurring and it happened three days early. He mentions there are two more industrial processes sets of languages that he's looking for.

The silver language now starts spreading out and we will see it show up in legal, government, industrial, medical, hygiene. He says its the medical and hygiene areas that he is waiting for. There will be a crisis in both medical, the manufacturing of some silver based remedy of some sort, but he's not sure, and also in industrial and public hygiene. He expects all these to spread out and the last one to be the public health issue.

He expects stories of lines at coin stores and pawn shops of people selling silver and the all time highs will come along. The data is showing a huge price increase in silver and then a crash. So if it runs up to $60, it may run back down to $40's as an example.

He mentions that the loss of a third of the silver price, once it climbs the first time around will be around the time there is some organised effort to get dishoarding to occur. In other words people will spend a lot of money on advertising getting us all to sell off the family silver.

He mentions that something we may never see is a relationship between the silver issue and the breakaway civilization  Apparently there is a component within the breakaway civilization is super key to them and the only way to make that work is with silver. This is what causes the secondary run up, in defiance of all logic of the silver. There will be a huge amount of dishoarding and no one will understand where it's all gone.

He then mentions gold and he says in terms of the longer range forecast he expects parity between silver and gold.

Another temporal marker is mentioned about the failure of a mine. Something causes it to break down. (this is mentioned in the immediacy data)

The next subject is about soil death in Australia. He mentions the nitrogen cycle is broken down because of the recent fires and heat on the ground. Some stories may come out about this, possibly some suggesting this may be the issue and this will be a temporal marker for some upheaval occurring relative to the social order, political order and the will of the people vs the ass hole politicians. However this will be ongoing over time even during the Global Coastal Event. Some form of long term political emotional pressures will break out at this time and the trigger will be the weather and the fire and some other reports that will be coming out about Government incompetence.

Back to the Northern Hemisphere, Cliff mentions the collapse of the Polar Vortex. He says this is a temporal marker in of it self, the breaking up of the Vortex. He mentions that this goes towards the temporal markers leading up to the Global Coastal Event. (As I posted in another blog today, the Vortex is already collapsing and splitting up but it hasn't reached the main stream media yet)

Cliff mentions the weather is going to be a bigger issue that is existing now. He talks about data that has existed for a long time about people having to migrate away from locations because of the Weather. He talks about the Chinese and their empty cities. All of these cities are inland... Cliff says 'hmmm curious'. Cliff mentions there is a massive amount of rail structures built from the coasts to these cities and Cliff believes China is preparing for the Global Coastal Event. He mentions again that they have been hoarding rice and other stuff as well. I think Cliff's point here is very valid.

Cliff then brings up the seed vault and how lots of Governments chipped in to build it so are probably aware of the coming Global Coastal Event.

The data suggests that the third week onward's will be replicating events in the past. He talks about a social disorder in China which is relating to justice. Canada will encounter this for the first time. There will be an enlarging of the influence of this particular social movement (idle no more movement?). He mentions he wont go into too many details because he may give certain people information some people should not have. This situation is too threatening to the US Government for the idle no more movement to take hold so it won't be on the mainstream media.

The silver issue, the idle no more and first nations in Canada and Americas and the financial situation, plus the the break away civilization are all intertwined.

Cliff mentions that a lot of the new electrics information is showing up. He says they are popping up on their own and the individuals involved are replicating some of the broader forecasts that the webbot has made. He says a subset of the idle no more activities that will bring up first hints of the connection of the first nation peoples in Canada and the new electrics. There is a weird connection between sibera, south africa and canada at the hardware level of the manufacture of devices that produce free energy. Zero point modules he calls them. Cliff says we have seen the Siberia and South african stuff come up and then probably Canada will be next.

He mentions the software layer, the engineering and physics which involves specific individuals related to india, italy and north america with a very strong nexus in northern italy. This connection series is also pulling together he says and this temporal marker is close. He is going to setup some spiders to go and hunt some data to confirm this. (faster than googling I say...)

Next is chemtrails. He has run into an issue where he has an inability to absorb amino acids. He thought it was aging. He says he's received information from a credible source that the same effect is happening in people who are young, even under ten, and in teenagers. The description he was given is that the nano particles, electro smog being sprayed out by the chem trails are interfering with the hairs in the canal that move the food through. This is causing difficulties for food to be absorbed and processed, even for those eating a healthy diet as a result of the chemtrails.

Cliff mentions that if you have a large pro biotic base inside the gut, the food can be ingested a lot better. He mentions the hairs and how they don't grow back so the digestion damage can be permanent. He mentions the Global Coastal Event will most likely shut down the chemtrails.

Cliff mentions you could take a chinese medicine tonic approach. This is something you can take daily which have no bad effects in comparison to other medication that you have to change out because of the side effects. He mentions there are some really good tonics for radiation poisoning. Cliff says he can't recommend specific tonics because of legal reasons of him getting in trouble.

He really goes on and on about the tonics for quite a while.

That's it for this one!

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