Tuesday, January 8, 2013

More on the Global Coastal Event - Cliff High interview on Time Monk Radio

On the 21st of December 2012, Time Monk Radio did a two and a half hour interview with Cliff High. (the webbot founder) Below is a transcript of most of the discussions within the interview. And thanks transients.info reader Jeff for sending in information which lead me to this. Note that the information on the Global Coastal Event mentioned in this brings in a lot more detail and is really worth reading or at least listening to the Audio blog which you can find here. (around an hour into the discussion)

Topics discussed,

-Global Economy Crash
-Some very good detailed information on the cause of the Global Coastal Event
-Narmer Plate and the expansion of the earth over time
-Cliff's two independent remote viewing studies with some detailed information not found elsewhere

Cliff starts off talking about temporal markers. These are major events which help Cliff confirm that his data based around future events is accurate if those major events occur. They also help him understand time frames around other predictions.

Cliff then gets onto his largest temporal marker, which is about ongoing events occurring very rapidly in relation to the economy crashing. He says the media is going to have a lot of trouble keeping up with events relating to this because of of the speed of which it all occurs. His timing around this is after a equinox. For those that are not aware, Equinox's occur twice a year around the 20th of March and again around the 22nd of September.

Cliff is a bit unclear about the exact equinox but finally gets to the stage of mentioning that it's the first equinox of 2013, so that would be the end of March and he says the webbot data is showing within 30-40 days after that we then get hit by the Global Coastal Event. So World economic issues are expected around March-April 2013.

The Break Away Civilization is then discussed next. However I found myself skipping all of this as it just didn't interest me! (sorry for those who wanted to hear about this)

Next the Global Coastal Event comes up. Cliff starts off discussing data supporting the idea of intrusions from space. He says it shows up in Courtney Browns remote viewing work. Cliff says he expects we will see a plasma event that won't produce a CME , but will create some amazing shapes and beautiful electrical occurrences at the same time as a high energy stream that comes into the middle of the planet and triggers a plate crack in the Pacific plate. The Global Coastal Event will be contending with a lack of electricity because of the plasma events operating very wide spread, like an EMP event, on a global scale. It may not destroy the power grid in total, but will cause a lot of damage.

Since the plasma event would be coming down on the same side of the planet which the sun is facing, there will be a counter effect on the opposite side of the planet which would draw down of the magnetosphere as it warps around to the plasma event. The dangerous place at that time would be the dark side of the Earth because of the high levels of radiation.

So because of this, the Pacific plate will possibly crack on the south side of Hawaii, but there is a chance it could be the north side. Cliff explains the Global Coastal Event will be a bathtub kind of surging around the planet. It will take some time for the water surging tsunami's and waves to reach various parts of the planet. He says within 24 hours it would have reached all the coasts in the Pacific.

He says the surging will not be giant tsunami's everywhere. There may be tsunami's from 120 feet to 3 feet he expects. He mentions a good example of what will happen comes from Courtney Browns remote viewing information in Fort Jesus, Mombasa, Kenya. The area seen in the remote viewing there is a 100 mile coastal plain in width and the water rises up, goes back 72 miles to hit the mountains. So the wave doesn't have to be that high to reach that far because there is nothing to break it up.

Cliff mentions there will be a lot of evaporation because of this event. After 12-15 hours there is expected to be a lot of rain coming down as a result.

Cliff then discusses a smaller earth which is shown throughout ancient finds in history, where there was only a 300 day orbit. Over time Cliff explains that the Earth has become further away from the Sun as a result of the Earth growing larger. The Narmer Plate is a ceramic plate from a pre Egyptian time which details the last 11 out of 12 cycles when these cycles occur. But the impact of the event is decreasing because of the Earth moving further away from the Sun. Every three or four cycles it is said that a really bad one occurs, however the impact of those bad events is still lesser as time goes on.

Cliff is expecting that this cycle won't be that bad and this event will cause a 'light catastrophe'.

Cliff gets gets asked by one of the people on the panel about his own remote viewing studies as he has performed two independent studies in addition to the work of Courtney Brown.

Cliff said he used himself and his wife as 'anchors' in the experiments. He said the validation studies he did has an advantage over Courtney Browns work because he knows all about himself and his wife. The information that was seen by the remote viewing was validated over time and was very accurate. Cliff said that he tried everything he could to stop specific events occurring in their lives and was unable to. One example was that his Wife has become very sick and this was seen.

So he had information validated through these two remote viewing projects and then looked at the future. Their target was the end of May and before the first of June. He says a major earthquake has hit near that area which causes trees to fall over and this isolates them and communication is cut off for decades. Possibly fifty percent of the structures in Seattle will not survive he mentions. This causes an instant loss of electricity, whatever occurs then. There is no foreseeable return of the electricity.

Social order is very degraded by the end of May. A lot of robbery is going on in their area and anarchy near the end of May. All satellites are down, the internet is down. There is no gas/petrol or the expected services.

He says that people who are aware of what's going on get out of dodge and make a break for it with their go bags. He talks about indicators going on so people know it's time to leave the area. Indicators as in temporal markers. So these people expect water to come afterwards. He says there is no sign of any Government after that. (obviously)

From there the remote viewers involved see a very large amount of water in the putrid sound area in America. They see a permanent increase in the water level height around June/July/August. The water doesn't come in like a tsunami, but seems like the tide comes in and doesn't go out. The height of the water goes up 40-50 meters in height on a permanent basis.

Cliff thinks that something has slipped off the Antarctica (ice shelf) during the Global Coastal Event which has caused the water to rise. He expects it could take two years for the whole of the planet to be effected as a result of this sea water rise.

Cliff then mentions that a lot of remote viewers who have worked on various projects are retiring to specific locations, such as high up locations.

Cliff then talks about a scene that was viewed after the main event or during them and is seen by one of the two remote viewing groups he used which shows an individual in Hawaii sitting on a rock with others standing around him, after a horrific earthquake. Volcanic activity is seen in the distance behind them. They are looking shell shocked from what has occurred and look like they have just survived a major event.

People are asking him what is going on and he is saying 'I don't know' over and over.

Cliff says the person looks like David Wilcock. He is in a situation where he is worried about a wife or girl friend who is missing. This person is looked to as a more knowledgeable person by all the survivors, and he is all traumatised because of the event. Cliff says Wilcock is going to be in Hawii this year on Feb. the 15th. On the 14th of Feb. Cliff says an asteroid is passing by. Coincidence?

Cliff says a commonality between the Courtney Brown data and the webbot data is when the soldiers look up in the sky during a war or conflict and decide to stop fighting and go home because of what is seen in the sky. This is a pre-cursor to the Global Coastal Event so it could be days before the event occurs, not months though.

Cliff then provides an example of what happened with the validation studies. He says that you get a viewing that your going to be in a car wreck. You then do everything you can not to be in a car on that day. You through away your keys, you lock your door, etc. But on that day you will have medical emergency which will require you to end up in an ambulance which will have a crash. He says that the remote viewing studies have proven to him that there is now no other time line where everything is going to be OK during this upcoming period. He talks about Courtney Browns studies and how he doesn't understand time like Cliff does and that there is no alternative time line that Courtney has seen.

Cliff says he is totally convinced that the Global Coastal Event is going to occur. He mentions that the things he has been told about that were going to occur months going, through the validation studies done with him and his wife, have occurred and this goes towards the evidence that the Global Coastal Event will happen.

From my point of view, if I was Cliff, I would believe in this as fact as well, based upon his experiences and direct interaction with the webbot data, the two individual and independent remote viewing studies he organised in addition to Courtney Browns studies. However, I am not Cliff and we all have to be practical about life don't we? Or do we? Maybe we sometimes need to take a chance and not care about what other people think of us, as this is the sort of thing people may think your crazy for acting on. But at what stage do we have to get, with all the evidence leading to the same thing for it to be enough proof!? Anyways, I better finish this off!

Cliff then talks about Aliens who appear and want to settle on the surface of the Earth. This has come up in other interviews and through Cliff's webbot data analysis report, but there is not enough detail in what is discussed for me to get into it here.

A question is asked about the nuclear power plants and the melting down of them after the events. Cliff mentions there is no information in the webbot data showing what will happen with regards to this.

The talk then leads into the esoteric. Cliff says he's been doing Yoga since he was 11. He thinks there will be a greater concentration of people aware of the spiritual side of life because most of them are not the standard sheeple out there and are preparing for all of this. He says that the shift in energies after the Global Coastal Event will cause people still on the planet will be transformed in a radical way spiritually. He expects by 2025 there will be many people more in touch with spirit.

He says the people who are awake and aware, the more ... spiritual related people will be the ones people cluster around. He takes the example of David Wilcock where he was shell shocked after the event, but if it was Cliff he would not be traumatised but ready to act and calm.

They then talk about having your energy system, chakras, 'chi' at a high level where you can clear radiation and heal your self and Cliff provides an example of him curing him self. I find this interesting as I personally do a lot of energy work and know of many techniques which is directly related to this.

Cliff is then asked how sure he is by percentage of the Global Coastal Event. He says 100%. He explains how he first found out about the Courtney Brown remote viewing studies and how that impacted and shocked him and pushed him over 100% for his belief in all of this. He says in his mind it has already occurred because of the validation studies. He says when his wife had a heart attack, he had all doubt about the event removed because it was mentioned in the validation studies.

It looks like I have come to the end of the audio radio interview.

Apologies for any grammar/spelling mistakes in this by the way. I just wanted to get this out there as soon as possible. I'm sure you the reader doesn't really mind though and what's important is that I have got this message across in this text based form for those that are not into watching or listening to video's. (because of whatever reasons, such as time constraints) Plus the contents of videos/audio can't be searched for text can they! Some of you may have never found this material if it was only available on audio or video format.


angelicview said...

Thanks so much for your hard work Laron! I find that Clif is really sticking his neck out - he must really believe it to be true. IT's not that far off to see if it really is true. Interestingly, I am going on a very unusual trip to Arizona (near the Grand Canyon) to visit my brother during this time. This will be my first visit to this area of the country. My "mini-me self" feels like I'd rather be home during such an event - but the Universe will make happen whatever is supposed to happen! If there is no fuel and no electricity - then I'll be stuck out there (with my daughter - which is GOOD). Oh, well! We'll see! :)

Laron said...

Yeah, he is sure committed to the cause. He's also spending a lot of his time on organising information from books to be transferred to these tablet things that will survive his expected earth changes.

I think whats important is not so much about him believing it's true as anyone can believe in anything, but to actually get to know him to understand his mentality and state of mine, which I think I have done. That has gone towards my belief of his work from getting to know him more.

Well it's good your daughter will be with you! But yeah, anything could happen that may stop that trip from even occurring. So in the end you will be where you are meant to be if it all goes down.