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Self Healing and Global Coastal Event - Clif's Wujo Jan 13 2013

On the 13th of January 2013, Cliff High released a new Wujo. (audio blog) Below is a summary of it. But you can find it here to download if you wish. It's about an hour.

Roughly, it covers the following topics,

self healing through mediation
collapse of the polar vortex
global coastal event (with an updated time frame mentioned)

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Self Healing through Meditation
Cliff starts off explaining that words are hard to describe this and as an analogy he explains that it's like describing the surface of a mirror rather than an image within it. He explains this is a personal experience at a level which is too unique as specific cases to be able to be meaningfully generalised into a general case, other than at some other broad level of description...

He gives a personal example of how he had a 20 year plus incidents of eczema on his legs. The kind that was at the surface of his skin and took over both shins. He said it came originally from a chemical burn. The skin was trashed and it turned into the eczema. In the process of a meditation he was doing one day, he was pretty deep but not down into alpha, but where you have delta control with a conscious mind. While in that state he extended his consciousness forward from his usual center, upwards to the right and he noticed an area that was filled with what looked like a roughened but interconnected cottage cheese material, lumpy, while everything else around it was smooth.

He says it felt that area was pushing through a membrane and was somehow related or connected to his eczema. He points out he had no intent when doing this meditation, back in 2001, to look at healing the eczema. He didn't like the looks of what he saw and he decided to create meditation hands, or mittens. He says they are internal extensions of your eye hand coordination, part of your consciousness and is why they can be called mediation hands. (this sounds terribly familiar to what I have learnt through Robert Bruce's energy work material throughout his books)

Cliff says he pushed through that cottage cheese stuff and was able to smooth it out. He said there was no resistance while trying this. He noticed, later on, when he came out of the meditation and noticed there was a distinct change of feeling with both of his shins and within the next 30 days, it was gone.

The skin simply had to replace it self and the eczema didn't come back. He then goes back to what he did, how he found that location and smoothed out the template of where the atoms are expressing them selves to be his body.

He tells us that we are not really solid beings and our minds are diluted by our sensory apparatus to make us think we are solid. He says we are flickering at an extreme rate (22 trillion times a second) and we turn on and off like a strobe light. He says our minds are trapped by our sensors of only seeing specific things out of those 22 trillion times a second and we are lucky to see about 50 or so impressions out of the 22 trillion times in relation to reality around us.

So we think this is all solid. Since we are energy, we take our fingers and push them down on the table, which is also energy, and there is a feedback loop that's established because of the reality of our consciousness, which makes us think the table is solid. But it's not.

He mentions that to find proof, look up John Chang's videos on youtube where he pushes chopsticks through a table. John asks the table to separate it's molecules so that he can blend the two together. Cliff mentions that when the table is chopped in two to see what's inside after, the molecules are interlaced together of the chopstick and the table, so there is no separation. Meaning both are fluid for a moment and then they re-solidify.

So back to us being like this, energy,  in order for us to have out bodies, we have these templates that we think of as our solid atoms and other energetic components, express them selves, so if we could go deep enough we could get the template out of there and do amazing things like grow hair, grow a new limb, change our hair color, etc.

The eczema had intended to express it self and he prevented it from expressing it self from altering the template through his energetic body. Cliff said he never thought of it as a bacterial invasion, but assumed it was a process rather than a disease.

He told the eczema component that was pushing in, as the cottage cheese area to go away, to push it back and smooth everything out. He mentions that it could be that eczema in that sense is some form of energetic parasite which inserts it self into our energetic bodies which we can not see, which we perceive as solid because of our poor brains being trapped at thirty to sixty cycles a second. If we could see at a higher level of frequency then maybe we could see it and pick it up, through it off and be done with it .

But at a level, that's what he did he mentions. He says it took 30 days for the process to complete totally. There was no miracle cure as in instantly.  He said he no longer scratched but he did feel a twinge sometimes but reminded him self just to tap it with his fingers and not scratch it to make that feeling go away. So in a way he built up a post hypnotic suggestions by doing this.

He reminds us that our skin replaces it self constantly and we are constantly shredding skin. Our skin is replaces it self constantly at a bio process level.

He mentions he has done a number of things like this self healing since then, but nothing dramatic as he's been busy doing many other things.

For those that meditate he said we would note a few things. It was an issue that it was a shift in consciousness. He can shift his consciousness to where there are no words, where linguistics is shut off but it was not at that point, it was close to it and it was slightly forward, in the meditative sense, up from it and to the right. He mentions that that area is apparently the eye hand and brain connection with the eczema.

Since then he has worked on his arthritis. He said he found that his arthritis is an energetic parasite. A being that is not of his own energetic template. It's an energetic parasite which has attached it self to various parts of his template. He can see it through a meditation process. At it's core in each of it's areas is a dark small triangular area surrounded by a yellow amoeba like mass. He has the type of arthritis where his joints pop and he needs to get rid of the pressure but he doesn't have grinding of the joint linings together. He found that this is related to the triangular bits he found while meditating and these correspond to the joints in his body. He has been able to push them off some of the joints, but it's very difficult.

He mentions again that they are an energetic parasite in the sense they attach them selves and take our energy through this black triangle area and take the energy through a frequency that he is unable to understanding more on. And this causes the pain and the arthritis.

Just to add to that, the technique he stumbled upon is very similar to Brandon Bays 'The Journey' healing techniques which I have been trained in By Brandon. The main difference is, is that you have someone to guide you through the meditation instead of doing it on your own. One thing that's really important here though is that there is going to be a reason why the illness or problem is with you because of a situation in your life or a past life that manifested it and the issue may come back if you heal it without understanding that aspect.

Collapse of the Polar Vortex
He now quickly goes into a big cold thing moving down to the southerners, (America?) and he mentions that if there is a collapse of the polar vortex (he quickly mentions how the ocean was frozen near china and trapped boats recently) then it could get very cold those levels of cold will actually damage the little hairs in our lungs that move the pollution and stuff back out, to cough it out. He says we need to take protection if there are wind chills below freezing. He says these hairs may break it becomes too cold. He said they don't recover as quickly as other parts of the body. So he says make sure we breath through something like a scarf, so a layer of warm air goes down there while breathing.

He mentions people in China suffering lung damage.

Global Coastal Event
He says there is a misunderstanding of the language and over time it has degraded. He has made all kinds of attempts to explain that this is not basically an extinction level event (i think that it was he was getting at) and then goes into detail over stuff he has already talked about which you can find through my entries on this blog or the Global Coastal Event write up I have done.

He mentions about the dry ports, as in the water disappearing from those areas and how there is no time frame of how long it will last. He mentions some ports will be flooded, which will be persistant for a while, weeks or even permanent.

He says the new coastline will not all happen in a day and can take up to two years for all the coasts to be impacted.

He then mentions all the hard evidence about how other people are preparing for such an event as he has described, such as the seed vault, and the weird inland Chinese cities that can house their Global population and how all those cities are currently empty and yet they have a huge building boom trying to get that done.

He mentions how the powers that be also know what are going on and are taking preparations to house them selves. In Russia they are digging big holes for people to hide in(??-Laron). He then goes into the bunkers being built in America which are not big and not known by the public.

He then mentions how the powers that be are acting like there are no consequences for their actions as they planning to be able to bug out soon.

He mentions again how the Global Coastal Event is not the end of the world, but it's a good 'kick'. And in terms of this happening in a martial art, you fall down and get up. (I know how that feels!-Laron)

He goes into the ports flooding and drying up again, but it's not really detailed and important and he's just repeating him self again here.

He says there is some indication that whatever occurs in the pacific also happens in the Atlantic simultaneously which produces gigantic rivers in the atmosphere which causes a lot of rain and flooding around the World. He mentions inland seas forming and mountains coming down, shutting of rivers which will have to form elsewhere.

The flooding descriptors are varied he mentions, and how the high tide would come in and not retreat  Then the next day the water would come in further and people would have to retreat, but the ocean continued not to retreat. This is kind of new information by the way. This is what is described in the webbot data he mentions. (descriptors)

He says it could be that these things happen in a relatively short period of time.

He mentions that he has been working with two other geologists from local government (that he really trusts) that tell him that some of his calculations are pretty accurate in a general sense which lets Cliff make assumptions about the validation studies that were done for other individuals and the level of flooding inland. The validation studies show that by June 1 2013, the inland areas of Ontario and Arkansaw are drying out. The drying our relative to their local soil suggests to him that whenever the Global Costal Event occurs, the rain portion of the inundation occurs on or before May 20th. As it would take at least ten days for the water to drain off where they end up with the images from the remote viewers showing the areas dried out on June 1.

So this is new information which is providing a type of time frame so most likely it would occur by May 20th. Cliff thinks the rain part is finished by May 20th 2013. (Cliff has been trying to narrow down the time frame to help people this year and is a important focus of his)

He mentions again how the Global Coastal Event is not about a GIANT wave going across the whole world. (as in an Extinction Level Event)

He mentions this is a life altering event for humanity though. Cliff does mention a death toll but probably best I don't publish it here.

He mentions how the recover time of this event for the World would be a century or longer. He mentioned more detailed recover time in his Changing World report which I summarised in the blog here, 'This Changing World - Temporal markers for 2013 - Webbot Data Analysis Report'.

He mentions again how telecommunications will be taken out and GPS will be disrupted. The satellites infrastructure is meant to be gone for up to twenty years.

He said he doesn't see a Mad Max event where there are only a few survivors. We see a world in which the coastal infrastructure globally has been devastated, forcing the populous back inland. Cliff mentions that a number of people will die later over time because of the lack of medication and so on. (common sense there..)

He mentions the digital economy will be destroyed  But this doesn't mean the precious metals market goes away but is reduced to the local area. And that is why there is strange happenings with the price of silver earlier in the year.

Cliff is making an assumption where there will be a very large run up in silver where it will be somewhere form $100 and $600 an ounce about the time of when the Global Coastal Event occurs.

He mentions how there is data showing that precious metals will be used in the future as trade after the Global Coastal Event and the data in the webbot has been showing this since 2003.

He mentions that electricity may be taken out in most areas for decades.

Cliff then goes into the degree of accuracy on the Global Coastal Event, talks about how he predicted the Sumatra tsunami accurately and put out the data months beforehand.

Cliff mentions that in his viewpoint, the Global Coastal Event is a good thing in the end, as it initiates the human renaissance.

Cliff goes into detail now about how North America suffers in greater ways than other parts of the planet. He mentions the west coast is devastated in regards to the physical infrastructure and physical land. On the east coast, there is less physical destruction but far more infrastructure and social disorder destruction. So the west coast feels it like an earthquake event with a long term recovery where the east feels it less sharp yet more as a flood area that takes our the infrastructure at the same level, with electricity being gone and flooding. The east coast seems to have a far higher level of degradation, possibly because of a higher population and the many suburbia areas.

So it's not the end of life, but the end of life as we know it. He mentions again about the powers that be and their strange activities, how all of this gives extra validity to the coming predicted Global Coastal Event. Such as 6-10% of our gross domestic product being poured into the ground for the past 20 years, having the military doing weird stuff, having the debt levels being run up like they don't have to be repaid. Bankers trying to take over the planet outright instead of their sneaky fashion. So if none of this was going on, he may say that this webbot Global Coastal Event could be a science fiction fantasy. (well I think he he enough proof without this.

He then mentions the strange build up with the activity on the sun, the increase in Earthquakes and the remote veiwing evidence.

He mentions again how the data isn't showing much after May because of the internet going from the loss of electricity.

So, Cliff says he sees the Global Coastal Event as a challenge to get through... that it's like a relay or a coming triathlon that you have to train for. You don't sit on the couch and eat potato chips but you get up and start training to get your body ready for it.

So he says we shouldn't be terrified, we should treat it like a challenge. Start doing walks, buy some good shoes (maybe more than one pair-Laron), learn about healing your self and all that survival stuff. He says it will be fun because Government won't be there telling us we can't do things.

That's it!


Shallena said...

Renaissance is the spelling you are looking for :)

angelicview said...

Yikes! This all looks so similar to what NDE-ers are saying. I don't generally post those NDE's. Just the positive ones. But there are many out there that describe this type of situation.

For myself, I live in an area that is very warm in the summer and very, very cold in the winter. Could be challenging, for sure.

angelicview said...

BUT... there are also some that suggest ascension will happen just before this catastrophic event! So I guess we'll just have to wait and see. :D

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Well thanks Shallena! I have edited the post to fix that up. =)

Laron said...

Interesting to hear you have seen others with something similar.

Laron said...

I think this is the event everythings pointed to with all the 2012 research I have done and that includes the ascension part of it all, or the shift to the new earth(s).